A successful spiritual empire has nothing to do with self-worth, and everything to do with pricelessness.

What? No self-worth? No more trying to raise my prices to match my worth? No more struggling to “vibe with a higher frequency / price / offer / dream client?”

That’s right. You’ve been sold a big lie that you need to uplevel your self-worth as your business uplevels itself.

The eye-opening, earth-shattering Truth:

Trying to improve your self-worth while building a business will result in an empire you don’t truly LOVE. One that isn’t MAGNETIC, and will require a fuck ton of management and hard work (inner and outer).

Learning to build an empire that hosts your PRICELESSNESS however… one that doesn’t go up and down in its core frequency based on your emotions or this person or that client or your bank account or whatever the fuck else takes your power everyday… is an empire that will SHINE and SEDUCE with POTENCY of your true Soul Genius.

Your message is sacred.

It is built for specific people with specific blueprints. Rearrangement of your clients will take place when you decide to be loyal to your highest standard. 

And it takes submission to the truth that your LOWEST standard can become Chanel for the rest of the world – and that’s when you’ve truly unlocked the jackpot frequency.

Running a successful business goes way beyond what you do within the business. It’s about developing your life as a whole. In totality.

Every aspect of it being up to standard, and you having presence in each space.

An empire doesn’t crumble because the foundation is rock-solid. It’s built on shadow-free land, with every other area of your life SUPPORTING its growth instead of pulling it down.

There is no fear of losing cash or clients because the foundation continues to support the rapid realization and manifestation of your dreams.

You are able to build, magnetize it, and then let it do its work as you focus on the next level.

And the filtration system in the lower levels continue to do their thing (releasing those not up to standard and pulling in the new), as you continue to create, create, create.

Archetypal Magic

Creating value for people as the Lover archetype creates the approachability that pulls them to have a conversation with you.

As the Sovereign archetype, you stay at a distance. Market, but in very few words. Your commanding energy pulls those ready to pay into your containers.

As the Lover you have more conversations as the people approaching you will need to be worked through until payment (most of the time).

As a Sovereign, people reach out to you way less, but they will be ready.

The dance between the two = a sales and marketing MACHINE.

They literally won’t be able to get enough. 

The Details

It’s time for you to build your DREAM spiritual empire, and embody your next-level standards, coding them into your business so it magnetizes PRECISELY who you’re ready to serve (and the ones ready to have their mind blown by you and pay you millions to do it).

In this 4-week program we're going to cover:

→ Finally getting rid of the low-standard bullshit standing in your way and igniting the precise energy that attracts a massive audience

→ Designing your dream client (using my very special method) and then placing POINTS OF MAGNETISM precisely so they can’t resist.

→ Collapsing a single drop of your Soul Genius into a precise offer (that is designed in an exacting way) so your clients experience exactly what you want them to experience.

→ Activating seduction in your marketing so they see the MAGIC in your offer (beyond its value), that will then CALL them to pay YOU.


We begin December 12th.

Investment: £500

This doubles after we begin.

Are you part of the membership? You have a special discount code for the live program. Email us at concierge@lushempires.com to grab it.

Meet Sonika Asif

Dark Luxury Mentor | CEO

Sonika has been working with coaches & entrepreneurs for almost a decade, helping them build massively successful businesses.

After 8 years of intense training under world-renowned business mentors, today she works with cutting-edge entrepreneurs to unleash their “Dark Genius” frequency; the raw material inside them that is the key to their 8-figure empire.

As the pioneer of the world’s first Dark Luxury School, she is here to create a new wave of leaders, entrepreneurs & mentors, free from templated strategies and boardroom business tactics. This new wave of entrepreneurial royalty will massively raise the standards of how we do business, and redefine success principles to make way for powerful, superconscious leaders that usher in a new world.