Golden Angle Session


There’s Gold in your field right now.

You just aren’t mining it.

Because you have no idea what your current Golden Angle is.
What your current unique money formula is.

I say current, because it will continue to change.

And you have to meet it where it’s at.

I can see your money patterns.

I know what your offer needs to be. I know what price it needs to be.

I know how it needs to be marketed.

And I know the frequency you need to nail in order to have it sell out.

In this Golden Angle session, we will smash your money shadows, build an offer, price the offer, and plan your entire launch.

All I need, is 45 minutes. And you can get INSANE results like:

– My client who went from $8000 to $103,000 in one month
– Another client who went from struggling to sell her package to selling a $14,000 package instantly
– Another client who created $30k in a week after I designed her exact offer
– Another one who went from $3,500 to $62,000 in one month

You strike that angle.. and money appears.