Build your iconic empire.

Your Business Archetype is the key to unlocking your Genius business empire.


Hi, hello, if you’ve somehow stumbled on my magical, alchemical membership experience… it’s because you don’t need a traditional Business Coach anymore.

You need a Business Alchemist, because you’re ready to build an iconic empire based on your true Genius, and learn to position it JUST right so it shines like the diamond that it is (which is what REALLY gets you paid).

It’s time to put down the business strategies, and Instagram schedules and extensive funnels that bore you to fucking death, and enter the diamond gates I’ve cracked open justttt for you so you can join me in the Throne Room where I whisper this one potent truth in your ear:

You’re not struggling to create abundance because you’re missing knowledge or skill.

You’re struggling to create abundance because you’re running from your true Genius.

As a result of abandoning your Genius you are living in a state of CONSTANT SHADOW.

This means: Your marketing is lackluster, your sales pitch isn’t precise and your brand doesn’t position you as the authority you know you are.

The multi-millionaire coaches and entrepreneurs you see, that you thought you needed to invest thousands of dollars with, only to find they couldn’t help you either? They can’t see that Genius of yours. Therefore, they can’t value it (help you price it, market it, or sell it).


There are 4 Shadow Archetypes currently running your business:

Prostitute, Child, Victim, Saboteur.

These archetypes must be precisely transformed into Power:

Lover, Sovereign, Warrior, Magician.

If you truly want to reclaim your power in your business and build an ICONIC empire that creates ridiculous luxury in all areas of your life…

… You have to give up law of attraction, outdated mindset techniques, crazy overcomplicated business strategies, and fawning over the brands that all look like they were birthed from the same mentor (because the codes all came from the same place).

The archetypes are your red pill to finally awakening to YOUR Genius and building a powerful, badass luxury brand that properly communicates who YOU are to the world.

Welcome to Your Business Archetype

A membership designed to unlock your Core Business Archetype, activate your Genius and position yourself as THE authority in your industry so you can finally get paid for what makes YOU truly valuable. This membership features our signature living Archetype Map that will help you instantly take back your Power, make the precise moves you need to make in your business, and unlock cash overflow.

The Power Archetypes are THE difference between whether vision boards and affirmations will work for your or not. Whether following your mentor’s sales script will work for you or not. Whether that marketing course will work for you or not.

When your Power Switch isn’t in the “ON” position, NOTHING will work. No matter how many others got results from it. It won’t work FOR YOU.

THIS is the magic I want to unlock within you; to teach you how to become unf*ckwithable so that you can hand-select EXACTLY what’s meant for you from this ocean of mindset strategies and business-building tactics – and come out a winner everytime.

Inside this membership I make this entire process SUPER EASY to understand by showing you how each Shadow archetype expresses itself, how it feels, how it shows up in business – and how to then unlock the Power archetype instead so you get instant results.

Think of it like you just stumbled on the Hogwarts Business School of your dreams.

And this is the only place you’re going to find the how-to on that magic.

When you finally build a business based on your unique archetype & Genius, it looks a little something like this:

  • Never again take on someone else’s strategy for success, only to sacrifice other things you value to make it work.

  • Launch offers that light you the fuck up, instead of offers you “should” launch.

  • Never again get swayed by negative comments or feedback, while feeling rock-solid in your Genius.

  • LIVE the luxury you truly are and easily sell 5-6 figure packages to dream clients.

  • Master your energy to the point that your work with clients gets massively upgraded and they rave about you to everyone they know.

  • Put out one or two marketing posts that land BIG luxury clients, and create tons of sales with ease instead of becoming an exhaustive, content machine.

  • Remain the true authority no matter who you’re talking to, no matter how many millions they’re making; YOU will be the prize no matter hwat.


From being unclear about what she was even offering, to $50,850 booked and $17,153 in cash in two weeks.

Emmy W. worked with Naveed & Sonika privately for a few weeks and the INSTANT change in Emmy’s results was remarkable. She signs a $14,000 client instantly on an offer that previously wasn’t selling no matter how hard she tried.

She launches her program, and finishes with $50,850 in total sales, and $17,135 in cash.

$47k in sales in two weeks.

Sonika and Naveed helped me to see clearly where I was holding myself back. As soon as I got out of my own way, I launched my new membership in 1 week + made $22k sales with it in 2 weeks. After averaging $12k per month for the previous 6 months. And sold 3 of my 1:1 packages in 1 week, with 2 Facebook posts.

In total, I made $47k sales, all within 2 weeks.

– Eva L.

$75k in sales, $30k in cash in less than 3 weeks

Today I celebrate my 3 x 1:1 Private Coaching Clients [at $25,000 each]. She is a perfect 1:1 client. And it is exactly how Sonika Asif told me, that, when I am confident enough I will do also business coaching as art like ecstasy.”

– Laura B.

$100k sales month, $72k in cash

When Gitte L. first came to me, she was exhausted, overworked, and had no fire in her. Selling $100 courses and barely earning enough to pay her expenses left her doubtful that someone like her, who loved teaching so much and never identified as a salesperson, could ever make it in this monstrous world of coaching.

Through rigorous sales wizardry training, Gitte crossed her biggest cash month ever at $72,000 (with six figures booked in for the year already).

She went on to have $100,000 sales month, a number she couldn’t even FATHOM was a possible reality for her at ANY point in her lifetime.

$30,000 launch from “nothing”

We worked on creating an offer for Samantha D. and designed a strategy, a name, and the exact frequency of the offer. Through the energy mastery process & following the exact steps we had given her, she launched her offer and sold out completely, ending up with $30,000 in one week.

$12.4k sales day

OK, so whatever you told me to do worked, today I closed the second apprentice (couple for stepfamily coaching) at $8K, renewed a current Bach flower client (she didn’t even ask the price, it will $4.4K), had an inquiry about Santorini from a current Bach flower client (WTF), had 3 random new inquiries for dad work and just had a lapsed homeopathy client reach out after a year to start appointments again. This was a minimum $12.4K sale day even if nothing else pans out. This will be a 22.5K month.

– Tracy P.

$9k in sales closed in a week

When you strike the right tone, YOUR people can’t help but buy from you. 

Literally, one week after making changes to her offer and showing her precise sales moves to make, Tamara J. sold 2 people for a total of $9K. This was a collapse in time – Creating maximum results with the least effort. 

$5k sold “out of the blue”

I closed a $5,000 real estate blueprint “out of the blue” this week. I decided that’s the minimum price and held Empress energy. I had a coffee ‘get to know you’ date with a developer here, and she asked me if I’d could help her with a new vision so I offered the blueprint session and she was like “when can I do that? Where have you been all my life?”  Fun!!!

– Shasta T.

Highest income month ever.

Celebrating my highest income month this year – and no launching of anything – magic – 15k this month – this is just the beginning!

– Jen V.

6x her salary & highest income month ever.

I started working with Sonika and I made almost 3 times my highest month. It was 6 times some of my highest income months when I worked for FedEx. And more than what I’ve made some years of my life. I’m just saying

– Devyani P.

5 calls booked in a week & 10K received.

Something invisible caught me into Sonika and Naveed’s world. Something powerful, like a call from my soul saying: “That’s what you’ve been looking for!” I created my first high-value membership. I increased my programs prices and started to sell again. I started to make things that I really want in my life matter and saw the magic show everywhere: new energy, new projects, old dreams waking up that are on their way to be manifested. Last week, I just casted a spell and got… 5 calls booked in a week!  And in a few days after I casted the spell, I reached the 10k I had DECIDED to make this month!  My income has suddenly increased again… I feel a new world / energy growing inside of me.  What I love is the way these magicians / sorcerers allow us to take our true power 100%, just by being themselves without trying to get over anyone. No BS, no lie. Pure truth. 

– Stephanie D.

The only source of codes she can trust.

Watching/Listening to your vidoes puts power back in my system and as if I am getting a direction and the only thing I can trust now is this place otherwise having hundred ways/books/coaches earlier and still feeling what’s wrong with me, what should I follow. This is the source I can trust and my go to and getting to understand myself that I am not wrong but have unique system and I am so eager to understand each and every word of what you say and then listen to it again and then again, it lands differently everytime, thank you and I am just waiting to be free like you.

– Kaur K.

New levels activated.

I’m aware of all archetypes, since a long time. This memership helps me to go deeper. Helps me to go increasingly precise. I’m starting to get a sense of what I really want to do. Completely different levels have opened up. Just letting the material activate me.

– Hille H.

Mental and physical health drastically improved.

Since joining this my mental health and physical drastically improved. i have a lot more energy and less aches and pains. i have discovered new sides of myself such as love of gardening and sport. i feel much less anxious, guilty and ashamed. My love life has improved. ive seen how my mindset was holding me back in a major way. I understand more why things have and havent worked for me in work and business because i am being ruled by the laws of chaos.

– Eros N.

Best thing she’s ever experienced.

I feel like is the best thing ever for me. I knew is going to be amazing after my experience in Ravenous courses two years ago but is even better than I could ever imagine.

– Iva V.

What you get inside

Begin for just £97 / month

  • Exclusive livestreams to help create sales with your Genius and birth YOUR iconic empire.
  • Deep-dives into archetypes + astrology and the role they play in building your empire.
  • Monthly hot-seat coaching calls
  • Access to our living Archetype map (this is GOLD).
  • Powerful remote body activations
  • Archetypal + Healing music activations with custom art and reports
  • Vault of recordings
  • Discount codes for future programs.
  • Full transcripts
  • Private Facebook community


Who is this membership for? This membership is for spiritual entrepreneurs looking to build a business empire based on their true Genius, and figure out exactly how to do it in a way that aligns with their core archetypal nature. It’s for those ready to leave behind the outdated, hustle way of doing things and understand deeply how their body and psyche – when precisely in alignment with their Genius – can create magic in their business.

How often do new trainings drop? You’ll get access to a new experience every month – whether it’s hot seat coaching, a new livestream, or content from the archives.

Can I ask questions somewhere? You have access to a private Facebook community to ask all questions.

What’s the cancellation policy? You can cancel anytime via your account.

Can I expect to receive content that will help build my business? Yes. The main focus of this membership is to help you build your business empire. My content combines the archetypes / activations / astrology with business-building content in a very unique and mind-blowing way. I have trainings like:

  • Wealth Alchemy Bundle
  • Power Mastery: Million-Dollar Frequency
  • Intuition Pitfalls in Business
  • The Dark Throne
  • Marketing & Sales Music Activations
  • Mystery Box: 12th House of Astrology
  • Bold AF Marketing course
  • …. and so much more!

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?
There are no refunds once you join – but you can cancel anytime so I recommend the monthly plan if you’re unsure.

Meet Sonika Asif

Archetypal Business Alchemist | CEO

Sonika has been working with coaches & entrepreneurs for almost a decade, helping them build massively successful businesses.

After years of intense training under world-renowned spiritual & business mentors, today she works with cutting-edge spiritual entrepreneurs to help activate + position their Genius by decoding their offers, marketing content and sales conversations, ultimately creating a formula that works precisely for them.

She is here to create a new wave of spiritual entrepreneurs who are rock-solid in their authority with a high-level of energy mastery.  The spiritual leaders who mentor with her are changing the industry one client at a time, bringing high standards, luxury and artistic precision to the spiritual business world.

Meet Naveed Asif

Archetypal Sales Genius | President

After eight years of diving deep into the Law of Attraction world and working with the best sales mentors in the personal development industry, Naveed is here to share his journey with you on how he escaped his own mental prison of analysis-paralysis and countless days of waking up with anxiety trying to achieve sales goal after sales goal.

Today he has created his very own “Sales Spellbook” that has helped him and his clients close deals in the millions.

He is about the Art of the Sale. The elixir that morphs the buyer from a “Maybe” to a solid “Yes.” The custom, curated moment of silence before the deal closes holds the answer; and Naveed knows how to upgrade spiritual entrepreneurs from mere Salespeople to  Sales Alchemists that design the sales conversation from start to finish. He is here to bring the Fool to the boardroom, the Alchemist to the negotiation table, and the world’s first “Archetypal Sales” training to your people.